Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Thought Of You

As the night hugs me to sleep, I think of all his moves ans thoughts as if they were a blanket covering me in the dark.
As I calmed myself, and decided to care more for myself than anything else, it had an effect on his as well. He is strong and so am I, at least enough to fight any kiss. But those cursed stairs give us the silence and privacy we need to twine our bodies together. Climbing to the fourth floor, with no romance in plan, the thought of saying goodbye at any point hurts. As we reach the door, he turns around and hold my face pulling me harder than before and kissing me as though he never wants to let go. Oh, how the sound of that rings in my ear as the warmth of his lips, his tongue, reaches mine. The smile on my face is back and we continue towards the classroom where I am to learn something that feels so worthless compared to the feeling he leaves me with. I want to lie and say I didn't want to kiss him again, but his hand gripping my neck makes me want to be nowhere else but on his beautiful body. 
The more he kisses, the harder it gets to leave and at one point I pulled away and had to sit in class just to try and not make him take over me again. I promise, I was good until the night, when at a girls night, the night before an exciting trip to Disney, I watched Sex and The City. To see myself in the eyes of Carrie Bradshaw got to me more than I expected. To make things worse, talking to him, combined with the first movie made me wish he was sitting there beside. Now, i don't want to lose myself in any man's eyes, but what if this is the one I need to let in to understand what exactly I feel? As the fan above my head gives anough oxygen to breathe, I'd rather push my face onto his, and feel the air out of his nose warm up my upper lip. 

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