Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chasing Pavements

It is the time I spent with myself that made me realize how I use my head too much for all the wrong reasons.
It will not end. The appreciation I shed for his beauty: body, mind, and soul. I might not know him as well as I should to feel this way, but our lips do not lie and his touch cannot fake or conceal sincere emotion. I should at least try and explain to you what two days apart from him feel like.
When trapped in a dream, you have little or no control of how things will happen. You might feel as though you do, when in true light it happens all on its own in the back of your brain. Imagine yourself in one now. The street is paved, and you are sorrounded by trees hugging each other from the sides. Many rows and it seems as though it never ends. They curve onto one another so much you see little or no Sun, and feel almost no hear on your skin. As you start walking, you enjoy the scenery. It is allotoo green whereas the pavement is a gray/brown color swirled together with a finish that seems so shiny it could've been from the rain. At one point you start quickening your pace, as you don't see an end to this; almost as if a record  had blocked and it replays one part over and over again until you've gone mad. The fear makes your knees shake, and you start running hopping to get somewhere soon. It is as if you are getting somewhere but never fully aware of the exact destination. The closer you grt the more your body gives up you and by the time you actually reach the peak, you have no control over youself and you give in. Give in what, you might wonder. 
I would say whatever your destination is, but we all know he is mine, and these two days of replayed scenery are making my heart race and I need his arms around me, showing me it was worth the wait. I know, two days and already going crazy? You are probably wondering how could I be away from not seeing him for a longer time? I could handle it, but the fact that I am aware I will look deeply into his eyes tomorrow, and touch his beautiful face, make it seem as though this weekend was a waste of time: just filling up space between us.

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