Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Simple Mind

As I speed down Dolphin Highway, I feel numb and yet in complete control of the car. His face fades into darkness as I concentrate on Arctic Monkeys' lyrics.i feel the cold from my A/C and want it to linger on my skin as long as possible to keep me distracted.
I have no control over anything anymore. As I try not to expect his message popping out on my screen, I think of his eyes and how much I snjoy looking at them. That smile when I make him laugh makes me feel as though I am doing everything right. At the end of the day, she comes home to him, gets to kiss him, and falls asleep in his arms. I couldn't imagine anything better than getting to know more of him. The question is: am I worth to break a strong relationship? If the following doesn't cut it as material worth fighting for, I am not sure what is.
Imagine waking up next to this girl: as she wakes up, her eyes take time to adjust, but the minute they meet yours, the sparkle makes them bright as the warm cloudless day outside. Her lips are chapped from dehydration, and as she licks them they curve into a smile so bright her eyes seem as though closing, and her cheeks fill with a natural flush only blush could do to one. As her body moves closer to yours she moves her fingers on your arms, feeling that soft skin, she pulls you to her and kisses you with so much passion you lose oxygen and forget where you are and what you wanted to do. You see, I want to tell you more, but for now this is all I have to share. What I want to see in the morning is the man that makes me happy, the one that lights up my day, smiling back at me and wanting to feel me next to him as I smile and giggle uncoditionally.
As I wonder if that chance will come, I wish to spend a day with him, to make him see what that would be like. If after that he is not satisfied and doesn't see the deal in it, there is no better way to solve it than just to end. But why do I imagine him loving every second he could spend with me? I might be wrong but my heart is telling me that we are not done.
Is it so wrong to care for someone whose first choice you might not be? I will let that question sit for a while, and turn the lights off for the night. 

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