Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eye of The Tiger

Two blankets and the temperature of my body is at a point where I can't think straight (again).
If I could, I would give you my all just to show you how much I want our eyes to lock all the time. As we are young, and much exploring is yet to be done, what happens when you find something you were not even looking for? As the roller coaster rides I imagine everyone's love life with these complication. Mine is on a stop at the moment. But give it time and he will know that the image of me in his head, when he goes to sleep and wakes up, to is a sign leading him to my arms. Goddammit I want to be your everything and nothing at all. I want to enjoy every flaw you never found great, whereas I will make it right when combined with my own. 
I know, I am dreaming again. The saddest part is that everytime I want something really bad it doesn't come true. Funny how this is not something I want so badly, yet I will wait and stay here, frozen just to let his sun warm me up again. We tryly do work like magnets in every aspect. It might be easier to keep our distance but the closer I am, the better the feeling is. As I pull him into a hug, he smells my hair and I know it's what he wants. I want his happiness more than anything right now. 
Another, different reason to not give up on us, is because I really don't have the patience or time or interest in any other love story: may they all be doomed. So what if another man asks for a date? I would rather spend 29 minutes before the chosen one's class looking at him rather than pull through a date where I would compare everything to the one. And may I add: you will lose.

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