Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As The Sun Shines

Dramatic, obnoxious, selfish, emotional, broken, fixed.
These are some stages I go through in love. To be faced with a man whose power is made out of weakness is the greatest fear for a woman's heart. If I meant any less to him, I would be pushed out of this love triangle long ago. But here I stay, waiting for the next move. Since the day we met, he has gone through so much to find a solution when there is none. The only posibility is one or both of us girls leaving, when there is no darker image in my head. So what if it doesn't work out? That doesn't worry me much. What does is not being given the chance to show him I deserve to be hos special someone. I dreamed of this last night. 
There was a house in glass, near the beach, where he invited me to join him for a dinner with his parents. The flatterzy I must have felt when I saw here there: joining the dinner since his parents invited her. I hadn't mattered that night. She was the one everyone wanted to get close to and he was late and probably wondering if showing up would be a good idea. 
As that dream turned into bliss, my alarm went on and my eyes wanted to stay shut for some time.
I have decided to stop thinking so low of myself. If he wants me, he can have me, but I am worth so much more. If only someone could see the true potential in me and love me for all my flaws. 
I wonder if he ever would..

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