Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beg For More

As I'm pushing the warm blanket off my skin, a chill grasps my body. It is a Saturday morning, and last night was the best yet.
Might have been his cold hands holding onto my waist, or his burning lips leaving marks on mine, but I knew this happiness will not pause. The stories he told of were suprising but they still managed to bring a giggle to both our voices. 
To get thrpugh most of my heartache and pain, I turn to George Michael and his greatest hits to show me the beauty in all of that jazz. Since I decided to sing in front of him, finally, he seemed please. Giving him what he wants shows me what I need, no matter of how or why it is done. One headphone in my left and the other in his right ear, and so I play my mixed music library. As we get to "Kissing a Fool", I explain to him how emotionally fragile I get listening to the beauty in that song. He tilts his head back, closed his eyes to really feel, and I knew he enjoyed that moment as much as I did. I was looking at his neck, with a burning desire to kiss it. My self control will not stop me with him. At this point I would rather lose myself than the taste he leaves after kissing my mouth.
He doesn't promise all that he gives me. And I am glad it is so. The only disappointment I could face right now is the one we are way past of: not ever getting a chance to meet him and learn about his beautiful persona.

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