Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fall For Me

The ride was everything I wanted and more. With all the lights, darkness, sharp turns and drops, I wish he was the one I would share the joy of this trip with. Have I ever even told you how hard it is to lose interest in a man that makes your world spin 'round?
When I walk by my friends, he's missing to hold onto me. As we start with a ride, I wish he's there to comfort me when I get scared. As I get hungry, I know he will understand what exactly I need. And once the night has come, and the fireworks above the castle show me everything I missed as a child, he should stand before my eyes and kiss me as though I was the only one for him. Whether just fantasy, or reality, I know that letting go is not something I want to do. The moment I wake up, I check my phone in the hopes of reading a message, and when the red lights up on the green app, I have a feeling he is back in the city thinking of me.
I miss you.
Those three words get me to fall deeper in this chamber of love, they mean more to me than the actual act of saying "I love you" would. If only you could see what oneessage by him does to me you would understand what I mean. But until the stars make a constellation that presents how much his attention means to me, I will continue to swoon over the very image of himself.

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