Friday, March 28, 2014

All Of Your Flaws

Is it too early to say I miss you when you're not with me? That I can't stand being away from you or trying to keep my feelings numb?
My body's temperature, under two blankets, is at a point where it might make me sweat. I promise, not as much you manage to do by just staying inside my head. I love writing about you: you inspire me to do better, be better, and appreciate the little things. Try and make me think what you say and I promise my heart won't listen unless you are showing me how much I mean to you. It isn't even 10 PM and I am sleepy from all that I do in one day. Yet, I won't go to bed because you told me you would text me later. So am I really a fool for waiting for you, or letting myself fall asleep without that hi I linger from. I wish you understood how much each word gets to me.
We sat there, in silence for a bit, as I flashed my teeth in joy of how close we were. You pulled me in and left your head on my neck, leaving kisses one after the other, making sure you leave marks that will stay there forever. It is a scary word: forever. Because of its existance I have broken many hearts and mend none. Once we realize it will be forever or end, everything becomes a question with no answer: even ones we thought we knew. This burning desire holding me here wants you to be there and stay for as long as possible. I always, at least, try to move on, but nothing happens when the others aren't you. Everything about you invites me in: your dark eyes, beauty mark, kissable lips, scruff, that v-neck line, each muscle on your arms. This list could go ok forever but I am sure you are aware of these perks of yourself. 
You might be spoiled, and even a little shallow, but if its me that you want then none of your flaws really matter. 

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