Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bury Me Inside

May the light in this room dim as the last image in my head turns to your beautiful face. 
I know, just get over him already. He will find happiness even if it's not with you. And I try, when i'm away, distancing myself but everytime I come near him and view his text messages I melt inside and feel as though reborn by every vibration of my phone. I fight for what I want because even if I lose in the end, I'll know it was worth it if only to have his fingers tangled in my hair, and his lips close to my neck. In the process of falling for someone, at least try not to lose yourself because once that happens your heart is on your sleeve and that is the easiest to manipulate for a minute whether he really wants to or does it unintentionally. 
I want you to feel what I feel with this one particular one. I won't stop my world for him, unless he does that for me, but I will wait patiently. I wish I could havw the power to let other men easily with such ease but it's hard when you know the right one is standing beside you, following your steps in the shadows, waiting for a moment of weakness to show him it wasn't meant to be.

I know i do not always make sense, and my love pife is a mess, yet at the end of the day I am happy because he let me see into that and as much I wish to have his arm around me now, maybe it's best if for a while that hand only stays there and doesn't control what we truly feel deep inside.

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