Sunday, March 23, 2014

Don't Stop Believing

The grey skies match with the washed bricks of the tower. As I look at it, the beautiful flowers concealing the tower itself capture my attention in a fiery shade of red, and the leaves, as green as if freshly placed around the building, cover the plastic-brick-look-alike building making me wonder whether this was what I truly wanted. The screams inside the tower sound excited, not that scared which can only give me as much faith as the 6 year olds getting ready to join the ride.
The thing with these "scary" rides is in the fact that I love the comfort of a man by my side to make me feel as if I have nothing to worry about, and that I am safe. I had to settle for less but we all know I want more. I wish to wonder around the park with his hand around my waist, wearing my Minnie ears and feeling like a child in love with a new and shiny toy. He is my shiny price, but instead of standing beside me, he was in a different city, most likely sleeping at the time.
I know that slow is good, and patience is better, but three days without that beauty mark above the left side of his lips, those juicy lips that heat my body, and hands that know my body as if he tests them on me as I join my dreams at night.
I know I fantasise too much, but after a trip to Disney I want to believe in my type of magic, one that brings me closer to the one whose eyes bring grace to my face.

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