Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poetic Justice

Have you closed your eyes last night and questioned every decision you've made so far in life? I hope not. I hope you let your brain enter a zone of serenity and relax as it goes deeper into the state of sleep.

He has a girl. He has been with her for some time. Please, do not judge me yet. Give me some time to explain. You might understand what it is like to fall for someone from one touch, one kiss. Or hate me for being selfish and looking after my own better good.
As I feel each of his fingers tightening around my neck, I take the last breath and hold it. Just enough to feel goosebumps and warmth take over my body. His kiss, just below my ear, makes me start breathing again, but as I do, the quick breaths take me to the stage of near fatigue. The closer he is to my ear the faster my heart beats and I have no control over myself anymore.
Time seems like a mere memory at the sight of his eyes. Everything turns into the work of Dali. The darkness and innocence lurking from within his eyes make me get closer. As I do, we connect as magnets and being away afterwards is one of the hardest buttons to button.  Still not certain of what I feel for him, I find myself lost and confused. Imagine a young deer crossing the road at night. The fear is similar.

I know. My comparison and imagination is far too vivid for words to even show a fraction of what really happens when we are together. If anyone ever got inside my head, I would welcome them into the land of confusion without a map or compass, to see whether anyone could find themselves in my position.
If you are scared of anything, it should be my words getting under your skin. I will try to keep my poetic side aside, but love makes me turn into an insane romantic, where I should not be compared to the beautiful words of the greatest poets of the past, but rather to only myself. I inspire from tragic masterminds, and lovesick fools. And with that, you have a girl with no other words left to say.

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