Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bring in The Guillotine

Reality hurts. It shows all our minds clouded up with an optimistic or rather pessimistic view. 
The truth in my love story is simple. We all know what I want: him. To be fair, I do my best in putting my feelings aside and just listening to his. It can get tough, especially letting me conceal the free bird inside me begging to flee away from its cage. Instead of my heartbeat, his is so much clearer for me.  I know he wants the happiness I bring to me, but hurting a friend is going to bring him pain, if even for a short time. Of course I want to help heal him, but what if it is not me in the end? What then?
That is my reality check. As much as I want to feel the way I do with him ever day of my life, we all know nothing is eternal, not even the true and pure feeling he leaves around my heart: as if his name and emotions poured onto me and I could never shake them off. A short time of knowing him has been beautiful, but it all seems to be coming to an end. I should hope not, but he told me to not get my hopes up. If only he knows what looking at his face does to me in one minute, he would know that it is hard not to hope. 
As I wait for the next message, my stomach is left to ache and bother as I imagine all the possible scenarios that could happen today. 

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