Monday, March 24, 2014

Honestly, Truly

The night falls deep behind me and my thoughts are blurred. A day in the life of myself should be kept simple yet fantastic. 
From a night of misses and expectations to a day of heartache and regret. As much as it hurt, his decision was right. He should at least try and work on his relationship without me standing by. My selfishes has takes its toll on him and it made him feel bad for me, for what he did to me. But I'll be good as long as I hold onto the faith that one day I could show him the World. Fairytales are for children, and the more we age, the more mistakes we make. Consider this one checked of the list.
Our bodies seated against a wall with our behinds touching the cold floor, and we talk, laugh, smile and stare. Some moments remind me of the beginnings: how it all started. He moves hair behind the ear to smell my neck, and with it he seems as if dazed and confused. I promise, no magical potion on me besides the one of the true love waiting. He grabbed my neck again. Not strongly yet enough to make me feel like I am his again. To be honest, I stil am, but it's different now. He said not to overthink it yet my brain can'r handle anymore damage. 
I know I say this all the time but every touch and every word he says make me believe it is all going to be worth. I have no interest in other men at this point so it is all left for him to decide. I do wish his relationship could work because I want his happiness more than anything, sven if I can't be the one to bring it.
As my eyes fight to shut, my hands are shaking witht the same fear of today. I hope he dreams of me tonight, and puts a smile on my face, as always, in the next sunrise.

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