Monday, April 28, 2014

Shitty First

The skies are dull as the rains pours
sending my love on a new course
in life where there is no us together, 
yet it seems as if that way it is better.

I find the attraction hard to resist
and how quick it has turned to mist.
So fast a poem is lost in there
and it is all far too hard for me to bear.

No rhythm, no talent to stow
upon my life in this fast blow
as I am to leave oversea tonight
and he will never with that put up a fight.

I am lost in thought, deep inside
where there are many things to hide,
as I am mysterious as the black sea
covering from the love of thee,

all I begged for was your love to be mine
and for it to become intertwined and fine.
As your lips may brush past those on me in pink
and no ship for me was supposed to sink, 
and the time for me to let you be is soon to come
and who am I to hide from

this life you have brought me to 
the minute you touched through
my heart and soul and made it yours to keep,
forever you will stay inside, far too deep...

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