Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Old Songs

The urge building up inside me was stronger than what I felt before. 
We haven't talked in a long time, he was in this crazy love story through the time of Valentine's Day, when all that mattered was not being alone. And yet I spent than night with a mojito and donuts on hands, while watching the movie Bad Grandpa. Yea, it was that bad. 
He wanted to catch up due to the fact we haven't spoken in a long time and we had a thing going on before. It was nice, short, and easy, although it was never proven to me how important was I really. Funny how he spend the time repeating how much fun he had with me, and that he actually misses me. I believe, only because he already has a booty call on hand now so he doesn't need a excuse to hook up with me, especially not now after all that has been happening. 
We talked, caught up as he planned on (not really but OK), and then we went was a walk through a Nature Reserve on campus. Nothing expected when at one point he pulls me close to him and tells me how much he misses me. He proved it with his kisses which I did not forget. If there is one thing he was great at it is kissing. Of course he wanted it to lead to more, but with my new rules and changes, that is about as far is goes. For now, at least. He is leaving this summer, with no certainty on coming back, and you should know he is not interested in relationships until he finds the right girl. Well, I got to blow off some steam and show myself the world without that one man that is still a great part of me. He will stay here until he packs his bags and leaves on his own, because I will not be the one to push him out this time around, while we are friends waiting for some miracle to happen. 
You see, I am not one of  those who ever believed in getting back together with someone who is no longer the present lover, but I guess it was meant for only serious relationships because I repeated things with men who were only part of me in a friendly/dating world. But still, beware: your story could differ very much from mine, I just speak in the name of myself and some other girl/guy who found themselves lost in a person's eyes wondering if they will leave soon or stay forever. 

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