Friday, April 4, 2014

That Type of Man

We can connect my view on reality with the ties of books I read. As I stick to fiction, because there is nothing better than make-believe stories, a real journalist will take the time to appreciate something that actually happened. Maybe it's time for me to reflect on that.
My big plan for the weekend is to enjoy the new episode of Hannibal, find some books to read (and I mean actually read thoroughly, not give up after 30 pages),  study for whatever is left of this semester, and write about my improvements. I should tell you about lessons I learn through the day, because if I aspire to be a Carrie Bradshaw, nothing better than personal experience can be your guiding light. You seem , I am proud of myself. That man, I wrote most posts about? Yeah, I am still not over him but I am over the idea of him. We do enjoy each others company, and there is still chemistry, but its kept on the low until he is sure what to do. Lucky for me, as I grow more independent each day, I attract man with that smile on my face. So, let's just say, he is not the only man in the world for me.
I am back to my flirty self, and the self-esteem boost given with that is so great it can make my day that much better.
Now, not every day can bring me great wisdom, but every day brings so much more and that is why you need to, not only live, but be alive. The book I am reading at the moment (my Croatian guide through life), told me to always focus on exactly what I want and make it as clear as possible by wanting it from my heart. As the author used a interesting example of going to a dance where most boys were shorter than her and nobody asked her to it, she listens to her mother by setting bigger goals for her: that she will find a man taller than her, who will take her to the dance. Of course, there is more detail in the book, but for now this will do. With setting those goals for herself, she found a date 3 days before the dance and he was everything she wanted and more. How corny, right? Well, it might be, but at least she got what she wanted.
For me it is much more complicated because, as much I try to deny it, some details are really important to me on men. preferably tall (taller than me is already good), with that rugged, masculine style (beard and all), luscious lips and a way with his body that can pull me in through air. I know, I fantasize a lot, but at the end of the day it's what I want, and if I lead myself toward finding such a man, he will come on his own (pun not intended).
Now, dear reader, go on and fantasize about your dream lover. I want you to prove yourself deserving of that person just by imagining what you want and need exactly, and I will go back to my reality because I spend too much time in the cloud.

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