Sunday, April 20, 2014


Apparently, as a blogger (or any "job" assimilated with writing, you are allowed to use writer's block as an excuse for not blogging daily, not having written a bestseller in the past 10 years, or for just being lazy, as we all probably are.
I've learned to appreciate the love I have for him by concentrating on things that are more important in my life. I am raising my standards not only in love, but in everything I do in my life. This Summer, my main goal is to pass with A's- no questions asked. I need to show myself that I can do magic under a short period of time. The main reason I have failed so far is due to the lack of motivation. It's not that I didn't have it, I just didn't concentrate on it properly to give me a reason to prove myself. My organizational skills (time management) is shitty to a point where there is no organization, and it is all chaotic: because of which I decided to concentrate on smaller problems (think love life), and divide my attention from the real ones.
Right now, the main reason I am writing is to motivate myself: that is what writers do after all, isn't it? All I am lacking is my own laptop (because God know what happened to mine to just give up on me), organizational abilities, focus (you know that is always the hardest button to button), etc.
I change my career ideas from day to day. I do want to study Journalism, but as I am, I want to do some Public Speaking and even Broadcasting because all of that media sounds like a life worth living for me. I know some people get a kick out of biology or math, but we are all different no matter how similar, and it's great we have different plans to encounter in our lives. The reason I look for love is because once I find it I will be completely devoted to my future since a great part of it will be there. To turn to that side a little for now, I just want someone who want cling on to me in a way that will scare me off, but stay there in a way they could prove their trust, loyalty and love to me, as I wish the same. I always thought of myself as a romantic, but not a cliche one.
Now, this has turned into rambling, and I have much work to do because of finals starting tomorrow. I hope my life gets more interesting tomorrow, because as much as it is fun, that is how much there is something missing whether important or not.

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