Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Pyramid of Truth

I realized once already curled up under the covers that I forgot to tell you how I feel and what has been going on in my life, dear reader.
As you might've guessed, my love life is currently at a point where there is nothing happening and nobody is good or interesting enough. Yes, I have raised my standards so high and it feels so good no matter how lonely I get. It has come to mind that the very minute I get stressed about school or something similar, I tend to stress over my invisible love life instead because it's a small problem and could be solved with ease. I assort of judged today, by an acquaintance, based on the book I am reading. With its name being "Love and Chaos", he rolled his eyes and went on to tell me that the typical stories of the girl moving into New York and having doors open to the fashion industry doesn't exist in real life. I beg to differ.
Look at me, writing as often as I can (although it could be more often) and trying to express my thoughts and finding solutions to daily problems by sharing my life with strangers via this blog. And yes, one day i do want to move to New York and pursue a career. It would be ideal in fashion, but for starters, a job in general will do good. it's where I see myself in a few years. I know it is a very typical thing to say, and everyone wants to do the same one day, but I know that if you make your own path to that, it will happen to you. It takes dedication, motivation, and God knows how many more things to make it there but I will.
Now, aside from that, my flirting nature has been calm, as I am taking most of my energy to use on my own self and school work. It would be a dream to have a guy walk up to you and be all you want him to but there will be a time and place for that too. Well, that is all from me today. I know my writing changes everyday but it is mainly because things that happen throughout that day are very different and leave strange marks whether good or bad, fiction or non-fiction inspired.
For now that is all and I hope you take my unexperienced ass' advice: follow your dreams, but don't wait for them to magically happen, work your way to make them a success.

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