Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Until Next Time

I don't have to write. Instead, I want to write. I have this part of me that has been pushing me to throw all of my inside art into something worth of public affection (or hatred; all depending on how you feel about me as you read my scrambled "blogger" words).
He is a funny guy. The one I usually tell you about. I enjoy his friendship no matter what, and it hasn't been hard. To be completely honest, it has been amazing. Mind you, the sexual tension grows at moments but it falls back to average being that we have limits to follow. But I don't want to spend a post just writing about my greatest inspiration. Instead, let me tell you how life has been going for me.
Next week is Finals Week. Probably the scariest of the entire semester, being that is the icing on the cake we like to call Spring Term 2014. Instead of being your usual college student, my interest has been growing by each day due to the fact I have future plans that need to follow through for me to succeed. That means taking at least one Summer Term and kicking its ass and showing the world how amazing this girl of the name Lucija is.
I know the beauty in college is supposed to be to enjoy that "Greek" life and still feel free until it is time to do some actually job we might hate for the rest of our lives, but I would rather do the work now, and enjoy later. Don't stress: I still enjoy life in its own way. I have friends whom I spend most of my time with, and parents who love and care for me, plus myself- as the most important person of this story.
I also know that I disappoint in the amount I write sometimes but keep in mind it all depends on how inspired a person is and as much as I get inspirational moments through the day, by the time I get a hold of a working computer in private, it is too late to capture those beautiful thoughts on black and white.

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