Sunday, April 13, 2014


I feel zen. As if all my troubles have vanished through the nights since my birthday. Now it is as if there are no complications, and I can enjoy the simplicity of life. 
No! Wrong answer. But let me enjoy my mental stability as it is now because I am not sure when it will feel this way next. Deep down, under all the wires that have build my body, there lies a piece of me I feel as close to me the minute I am near him. It is the awe and care I feel for him. You know he will never truly leave my skin as he has become a part of it, but there are moments where, as much as I don't want to, I still hope. How stupid can I really be? But, it is different this time around. No tears, no begging. Just pure, tragic love. Well, not Shakespearean tragedy per say, but it is one of the modern age. 
My skin smells of gingerbread due to using a body butter that was meant to be used around Christmas time. Too bad I love warm, spicy scents any time of the year, and wish I could only keep Fall and Spring under my arm. I want someone to open up my eyes and let me see out of this love box I am still, subconsciously, stuck in. I will not write much to you now because I am too relaxed to let my feelings soar freely, but the lesson for today should be: Never let go of the good, but leave behind the bad. I would love to cite, but this just came up on my mind and I do not remember reading it anywhere. I learned this on my own, but I won't take credit for the quote itself. I just feel as though seeing some good in a lot of bad could bring you happiness more than looking for a little bad in much good would. 

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