Friday, April 11, 2014

Born With IT

It would be a lie to say I look for inspiration by calling for some things to happen. To truth lies in spontaneous, tricky little fucked up moments.
So, here is the deal: as much as I enjoy being his friend because he is still my number one (as I called him today) guy person. Strange name to give to anyone, but it happened. I explained to him it all because of our personalities joining from different poles. Now, the further away, the greater the connection, maybe? I won't admit to that being true because there is always some common ground and I need far more experience to be the judge, but for now I find myself in more interest with the man who doesn't let his emotions show and with opposes my almost-dramatic behavior. You see, I shouldn't be giving love advice to anyone, given my age and experience (well, with that I call actually cook up a meal), but I still do and only according to how I see things. I consider myself open-minded, but goddammit, when it comes to things I experience up-close and personal, I can't do but stay closed inside my little shell of emotions. Funny story; that has been changing as well.
But it is a good change. Now, I said before I have been looking for him in almost every guy I have any romantic interest in, and I didn't lie. His looks are first to give my eyes a "kick". With that trimmed beard going on, always in dark and simple colors, plump lips waiting for a kiss, and let me not get to those eyes. As simple or basic they might seem to you, they caught me off guard. He is exactly the type of attractive a woman wants to next to her: hot enough to keep you wanting him by your side (naked, of course) but still not too much for me to feel uncomfortable next to. No man yet compares. And yes, it has been a short period, a few weeks of being friends, but that is forever in my world.
As I read 50 Shades of Grey I find myself wanting a Christian Grey and I only read the first three chapters. I know what you are thinking: you are not even aware of the things that man does. Oh, trust me: I am. Jut the attraction is described exactly how I want it to be. Well, these books have me going crazy, wanting my future the way it has been imagined more than ever.
I see myself in the grand city of New York: a laptop in front of me, newspaper (yes, old school) by the side, coffee con leche on other (yes, first thing I am a fan of that is Cuban, no offense), typing as I am now discovering what life brings by each day.
Well, you might think this is my imagination going wild but I am aiming for such highness since I know I can do it, not because everyone gets lucky with it.

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