Thursday, April 10, 2014


I remembered how much you enjoed sucking my tongue while we kiss, and my body fillled with joy.
But then I remembered. I like us now better then before. I am calm and you opt what you wanted. The wait is long gone but no man interests. Ok, to be completely honest there might be some "potential material" whose smile today gave me hope. But I have a feeling inside he is already taken by some beautiful girl for the past 2 years and counting. They all are: either gay or taken. I am not sure when desperate times call for desperate measures but I am not there yet: I still have some respect for myself and it is growing higher and higher. Admit it: when was the last time you truly felt comfortable in your own soft skin? 
I had a beautiful night if it makes for better. A friend who understood just what I needed after 2 cuban coffees in a day, and nothing my fruit to fill the void iny stomach. It was cuddling. Something I refuse to do most of the time, as it is a show of greater affection. But in the arms of a real person, whose feelings matter and where they respect yours, it is warm, soft and familiar: not sexual nor distant, as most end up to be. After that my body had been put to zen and I was free to roam the roads while raging to "Phoenix" by no other than Fall Out Boy. No fangirling allowed, but it was 6th grade that introduced me to their music, and I have not let go since. Still have the same respect for them.right now, I will curl up under two blankets and enjoy 50 Shades of Grey, since I seem to be the onlg female in all of American population who hasn't enjoyed the S & M world of Ana And Christian.
As I have not read further than Chapter 2, my thoughts on the book are yet to come (pun intended). After readig Love and Chaos whose love story gave me more ideas of failure than hope, I need something to make my world spin harder than any supernatural inspired book had done (don't judge, we all fan over at least one of those).

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