Saturday, April 5, 2014

Where Can I Buy One?

Can i tell you a secret? I miss being in a relationship. 
Now, I can feel your judgment coming along but, as much as being single has its perks, having someone to sleep next to is really nice. My standards have been changing. For better, of course. Probably not for most guys who are interested in me but I need to set some expectations from the male population if I want to be happy. So, I learn more with each day how much attraction bearded man hold. Tattos work as well. I know I set no example, and even worse, I tend to be the opposite of useful when it comes to finding yourself. I have an attractive neighbor. I see him around sometime, once every couple weeks and he can't get his eyes off from me. He was even in shock when he learned we live on the same floor, opposite side. Maybe I should hint him a better smile? Eye contact next time? Because he seems like an interesting person who is not exactly my age. I don't plan on going crazy and dating men over 30, but over 20 would be nice enough. 
Another guy who caught my eye was a worker at Cotton On. The new store magnetized with PacSun cheap runs and attractive retail workers, attracted my friend and I inside its four walls today. Another friend sent me a snapchat and as I posed to send one back, a worker drops a comment on me: you took a good one, I could tell. And I could tell your old school haircut, small stretch and tattoos could make you an interesting date. You see a pattern coming in? Well,if it wasn't for a ruined moment with me exiting the store, I would've loved to stay and flirt, even sneak in my number to the beautiful man behind the racks of clothes.
Now, you can tell I am moving on from that one I wrote poetic non-fiction about. Give me more time and I will show you how much more interesting my life can get. 

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