Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Deep Wounds

Shaking from coffee or from the fact you broke my heart all over again?
The Iliad in my hands, 12:03 AM. Your words seem like a joke through text message, but yet you let them happen. You let it all fall down on me again. A friend? Lover? I beg to differ. The distance scares you yet you give me no choice but to find another to warm my body with one kiss. I am strong until the moment I am weak. Usually in your arms, and only because of you. No blame, but mere appreciation of a fallen god who seems to know just what to do to make me question everything over and over again. I wished to stop making sense and putting your affection into words, right here, and yet your soul i surrounding me and wants nothing away from here. 
So how do you sleep at night if I can't?
So much I want to tell you, 
So many questions I want to ask you.
You let it all fall down on me again. 

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