Saturday, May 31, 2014


You know that perfect moment when you realize you have found the love of your life?
Well, I do not.
After many posts in the past couple months, I decided it was time to properly introduce myself. My real name is a bonus you get on the sidebat as you read through my "words of wisdom", but I might as well be known to you as Lucy. Think of me as that girl that hates cliches, yet ends up crying when watching a romantic comedy. The one that has as much luck in her love life as she does in writing terrible poetry, and yet here she wrote so much about a man with a girl. Here is the deal: that man is gone, he finally found away out of my World and now instead of spending my time chasig a never-returning love, I let the boys do the chase. Not that I won't be of help but I promise to be a little less of a man when it comes to those things. Right now, college is my life: I am so consumed with it that my freetime is considered going on tumblr on the weekends and studying weeks ahead. Overachiever? I think not.
I want to share with you my feelings: some days in works that showcase much emotion and description, and others might as well be lessons I learn as I walk through the streets of Miami.
I will make a promise to you (though I hate doing so): I will write at least every other day and I hope to bring something soothing, exciting, or helpful in your life.
Stick around, I might be somewhat interesting ✌️

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